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When CBD was finally legalized we knew it was our time to start helping those in need. I personally have suffered from constant pain daily for over 9 years due to a neurological disorder. I never wanted to use the opioids that were suggested.  I knew where that road would take me and didn't want to make my situation worse. We as a family always looked for an alternative to help control some of the pain. So when we finally found CBD products I immediately wanted to give it a try with hopes it would make a difference in my life. I went through multiple products attempting to find one that would provide some kind of relief daily. It wasn't until I decided to invest the majority of my free time researching and networking that I found a small group of CBD manufacturers who shared my same vision. They provided me with products they created and believed in to try. Immediately after use there was a change in the way I felt. After months of using the products, I knew I had to share this with as many people as I possibly could with hopes of creating the same kind of change in their lives. That is how the Milwaukee Hemp Company was born. We have, and always will, invest our everything into helping and making a difference.

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